From ROH: ‘Written on Skin’ / ‘Lessons in Love and Violence’ – two operatic masterpieces, written by an award winning team

“Take home these two operatic masterpieces, written by an award winning team: George Benjamin (music and conductor), Martin Crimp (text), and Katie Mitchell (director). Written on Skin – A ‘magic and irresistible’ opera, telling the story of a boy asked to create a book to celebrate the life of a powerful Protector. Lessons in Love and Violence – Inspired by the life of Edward II and Piers Gaveston, this opera explores how personal relationships can have fatal political consequences.” DVD and Blu-ray copies now available!

Final Preparations for Reisopera’s new production of L’Orfeo

Well it’s been a very demanding and emotional six weeks here in Enschede for the Reisopera’s new production of L’Orfeo – putting all the various elements together for this quite audacious version of Monteverdi’s wonderful opera.  Tonight is the dress rehearsal and we open the tour on Saturday, in the Wilmink Theatre.  This show is a real labour of love and a totally collaborative project, incorporating contemporary movement (from both singers and dancers alike), an excellent vocal and dance cast, clear vision from Monique Wakemakers and choreographic wizardry from the force of nature that is Nanine Linning.  To top it all, a groundbreaking moving...

Larcher: The Hunting Gun – Aldeburgh Festival 2019

“As the Poet, Samuel Boden channels the quartet’s agonies while standing apart from the action, and his tenor is heard at its most eloquent.”, 7th June 2019 “Samuel Boden gave a solid interpretation of the Poet.”Financial Times, 11 June 2019 “The opera was extremely well cast and acted in a slow and minimalist sort of way. Samuel Boden (Poet) looked the part from head to toe not only by his style and dress but also by his actions.” Planet Hugill, 13th June 2019 “Samuel Boden …[was] in all respects first class …”The Observer, 15 June 2019

Benjamin: Lessons in Love and Violence – Royal Opera House

Samuel Boden as Boy/Young King, Barrington-Cook and Barbara Hannigan – Lessons in Love and Violence: ROH May 2018. Photo by Stephen Cummiskece “…one can only admire the valiant ensemble performance, with…tenor Samuel Boden’s pure-toned royal successor…making the most of [his] very demanding part…” Independent, 11th May 2018 “Samuel Boden makes a pivotal contribution as the Boy” What’s on Stage, 11th May 2018 “For the cast, I have nothing but praise:…Sam Boden makes his mark as the boy king with a nasty surprise up his royal sleeve.” The Telegraph, 11th May 2018 “Samuel Boden is inspired casting as the Boy, growing...