Charpentier: La descent d’Orphée en Enfers – Vache Baroque Festival

Boden negotiated the protagonist’s haute-contre utterances with seamless elegance and sensitivity … “
Opera, November 2022

Samuel Boden gave a mesmerising vocal performance in the title role … “
Opera Scene, 5 September 2022

Samuel Boden’s Orphée negotiates his aerial line … with unfailing elegance and sensitivity … “
The Stage, 5 September 2022

Samuel Boden plays Orphée… my how he can act.  His anguish at the death of Euridice is palpable; his disconsolation is abject as her body is carried off … Musically, the role of Orphée is demanding.   Charpentier calls for an haut-contre voice … Boden rises magnificently to this challenge, taking his tenor high without the slightest hint of strain yet with great strength, a timbre that has an enthralling and stirring effect.”
Mark Aspen, 4 September 2022

“Above all Samuel Boden sustains a soberly lyrical line in true haute-contre register, without any roughness, ensuring that musically the work remains squarely focused upon the title character.”
Classical source, 2 September 2022