Cavalli L’Ormindo:  The Royal Opera – Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

“Samuel Boden and Ed Lyon excel as Ormindo and Amidas respectively. As the pair pursue Erisbe, they bounce off each other both dramatically and musically, with Boden’s light, dreamy voice contrasting well with Lyon’s weightier sound.”
Music OMH, 4 February 2015

“…led by the vocally remarkable Sam Boden in the title role.”
New York Times, 1 Apr 2014

“My laurels ultimately go to Boden’s seductive, cheeky Ormindo”
The Times, 28 Mar 2014

Boden displayed a beautiful limpid tone and line totally in keeping with his character.”
Opera Today 30 Mar 2014

Samuel Boden’s dreamy Ormindo.”
The Guardian, 26 March 14

“They also sing wonderfully, most notably… the haute-contre Samuel Boden
The Independent, 26 March 2014

“I’ve previously praised Samuel Boden’s “sweet, refined tone” and he used it to advantage in his singing of Ormindo, phrasing his music with elegance and creating a warmly sympathetic hero;”
Music OMH, 27 March 2014