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From ROH: ‘Written on Skin’ / ‘Lessons in Love and Violence’ – two operatic masterpieces, written by an award winning team

Take home these two operatic masterpieces, written by an award winning team: George Benjamin (music and conductor), Martin Crimp (text), and Katie Mitchell (director).

Written on Skin – A ‘magic and irresistible’ opera, telling the story of a boy asked to create a book to celebrate the life of a powerful Protector.

Lessons in Love and Violence – Inspired by the life of Edward II and Piers Gaveston, this opera explores how personal relationships can have fatal political consequences.”

DVD and Blu-ray copies now available!

“Lessons in Love and Violence” nominated for an Olivier Award

George Benjamin’s Lessons in Love and Violence has been nominated for an Olivier Award in the category Best New Opera Production.

This darkly dramatic new opera was a major event in contemporary music – the latest collaboration between composer George Benjamin and playwright Martin Crimp. Conducted by Benjamin, the world premiere of Lessons in Love and Violence took place at the Royal Opera House in May 2018 and starred an internationally renowned cast including baritone Stéphane Degout as King Edward II, soprano Barbara Hannigan as Queen Isabel, baritone Gyula Orendt as Gaveston, tenor Peter Hoare as Mortimer and Samuel Boden as Boy / Young King.

John Blow – An Ode on the Death of Mr Henry Purcell & other works

I am pleased to share the release date of a new Arcangelo CD recording to which I contributed: John Blow (1649-1708) – An Ode on the Death of Mr Henry Purcell & other works.  It is one of the few occasions when the Ode has been recorded with two high tenors, as Purcell had originally intended, rather than with countertenors, as is more common today.  We performed this wonderful and unique piece as part of the Les Arts Florissants’ “Dans Les Jardins de William Christie” festival in Thiré, France in 2014.

Directed by Jonathan Cohen, with Thomas Walker and myself as the tenor soloists, it is “an album of music for the connoisseur – of extraordinary singing as much as of the English Baroque repertoire.  This wonderful recital ranges widely across Blow’s vocal and instrumental music, Arcangelo again demonstrating their versatility in repertoire which will be a real discovery for many.”

The CD will be released by Hyperion Records on 29 September and is available now for pre-order on iTunes.

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