Rameau: Platée – Garsington Opera

“…you’d be a fool to stage it without the eponymous tenor who can both sing and act what can sometimes seem impossible. Samuel Boden is the perfect Platée, not only in his agile, confident management of the role’s vocal twists and turns, but also in his athletic prowess, with one particularly impressive display – no chance of seeing Jonas Kaufmann doing that one!” Music OMH, 30th May 2024 ★★★★★ “Into all this tawdry glamour steps Samuel Boden as Platée, ridiculous in green bathing suit, green wig and frog flippers. It’s a hugely taxing part composed for the high, virtuoso tenor that was a...

Purcell: The Fairy Queen – Drottningholms Slottsteater

“There were lively performances from Jeremy Carpenter (teetering on donkey hooves as Bottom), Samuel Boden (a flamboyant Theseus).” Opera, October 2023 “Samuel Boden as Theseus stands out among the gentlemen with his bright and smooth baroque tenor.” Svenska Dagbladet, 6 August 2023 “The British tenor Samuel Boden creates with finesse a crazy and beautifully singing Theseus” Epoch Times Sverige, 7 August 2023

Garsington Opera – Platée: Introduction with director Louisa Muller

“Platée has an exuberance in the music that is so exciting and so compelling.” Ahead of her production of Rameau’s Platée this summer, director Louisa Muller gives us some insight into this lesser-known work, with some teasers of her interpretation, her key sources of inspiration, and a whistle-stop tour of the plot! Platée runs from Wednesday 29 May – Sunday 30 June 2024: www.garsingtonopera.org/whats-on/platee