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Campra: Idoménée – Berlin Staatsoper

Samuel Boden was a tender Idamante.”
Opera, December 2021

“The overwhelming star of the evening is the Idamante of Samuel Boden, who only briefly survived the lily-adorned sacrificial altar, with a piano shimmer and the finest accuracy in haute-contre.”
Nmz online, 17 November 2021

“the fine-voiced Samuel Boden as Idamante.”
Orpheus Online, 11 November 2021

“Both Samuel Boden and Chiara Skerath are visually believable and immediately win over the audience with their beautiful voices. He with a bright, well-led tenor …”
Der Online Merker, 11 November 2021

“The interaction and the musical dialogue between Chiara Skerath and Samuel Boden, who portrays the young prince is deeply moving. Samuel Boden has only one aria, but the sensitivity of his beautiful and expressive tenor is simply overwhelming.”, 10 November 2021

“In the character of Idamante, the son of King Idomenee, Samuel Boden shone, a high tenor, charming, even tender.”
Opera Actual Online, 9 November 2021

“… tenor Samuel Boden succeeds as Idamante in great musical moments of silvery tenderness, especially in harpsichord-accompanied recitatives.”
Berliner Mogenpost, 8 November 2021

“… Samuel Boden’s Idamante, with its tenoral restraint, is a prime example of the male tenderness that was so common in the Baroque era.”
Berliner Zeitung, 8 November 2021

“As Idamante, Samuel Boden used his beautiful voice with sovereign agility.”
Kultura-Extra Online, 8 November 2021

Samuel Boden’s Idamante is sensitive and in his inner turmoil, a tragic figure”
Kieler Nachrichten Online, 7 November 2021

Samuel Boden sings Idamante with an unshakable tenderness that makes his lot seem all the more cruel.”
Tagesspiel, 6 November 2021

“But the tenor of the king’s son Idamante (Samuel Boden) floats pure and radiant above everything; which makes him, who only wants good for everyone, a natural victim. For the second half, Boden‘s portrayal of the unfortunate, all-loving Idamante is downright touching.”
Hundert 11 Online, 6 November 2021

“… Samuel Boden in particular as the Idomenee son Idamante, [is] characterized by a wonderfully supple, bright tonal range., 5 November 2021

Campra: Idoménée – L’Opera de Lille

“Idamante benefits from the distinguished musicality of Samuel Boden,”
Diapason, 27 September 2021

“Samuel Boden’s Idamante is touched by grace… the British artist lives his role with a crazy naturalness, restoring both the worried tenderness of the son and the distress of the lover. “
Forum Opera, 27 September 2021

“… Samuel Boden’s Idamante, whose clear voice is that of the French haute-contres and whose articulation is irreproachable”
Concert Classic, 24 September 2021

L’Orfeo – Monteverdi – Nederlandse Reisopera

“The story of Orpheus in the underworld is about us all. We all have something of Orpheus in us. Who would not want to turn back the clock every now and then and stick to the happiness of the past? That is why the Orpheus story has always inspired artists of all times.

For this staging, director Monique Wagemakers, choreographer Nanine Linning, designer Lonneke Gordijn from Studio Drift and fashion designer Marlou Breuls created L’ORFEO for the Nederlandse Reisopera. Their vision is that of a Gesamtkunstwerk; stage direction, choreography, sculpture, costume and music are completely merged together.

Nanine Linning and Monique Wagemakers forged the ten singers and ten dancers into one homogeneous group that is permanently on stage. Together with the moving installation “Ego” by artist Lonneke Gordijn (Studio DRIFT) they form a living organism and ever-changing stage image in dialogue with the fantastic music of Claudio Monteverdi.

The tight-fitting mesh costumes by designer Marlou Breuls form a line play with the projections and with the light design by Thomas Hase. The musical direction is in the hands of conductor Hernán Schvartzman (OPERA2DAY) and the opera is accompanied by baroque ensemble La Sfera Armoniosa.”

Monteverdi: L’Orfeo – Nederlandse Reisopera

“Tenor Boden vigorously expresses his human recklessness.” 
Theaterkrant, 26th January 2020

“Tenor Samuel Boden is an intimate, convincing Orfeo…★★★★”, 26th January 2020

“The demanding title role was excellently played by tenor Samuel Boden. Assisted by Ego, he managed to put his changing moods in the spotlight. Beautifully sung, well acted.”
Place de l’Opera, 27th January 2020

“The tenor Samuel Boden has a well-kept dictation and effortlessly sings the sometimes difficult twists that Monteverdi puts into his mouth. – Even when the choir lifts [him] up and carries [him] across the stage.” 
Cultureelpers Bureau, 27th January 2020

Samuel Boden (Orfeo) makes a big impression” 
Trouw, 27th January 2020

“With his flexible tenor and athletic posture, Samuel Boden proved a perfect fit for the role of Orfeo, offering unfailingly stylish singing in the midst of the demanding choreographed moves. His honeyed timbre and the way he audibly relished the text made the plaintive lyricism of the role most moving…★★★★★” 
Bachtrack, 11th February 2020

de Volkskrant, 27th January 2020

Samuel Boden as Orfeo: Reisopera, January 2020. Photo by Marco Borggreve

From ROH: ‘Written on Skin’ / ‘Lessons in Love and Violence’ – two operatic masterpieces, written by an award winning team

Take home these two operatic masterpieces, written by an award winning team: George Benjamin (music and conductor), Martin Crimp (text), and Katie Mitchell (director).

Written on Skin – A ‘magic and irresistible’ opera, telling the story of a boy asked to create a book to celebrate the life of a powerful Protector.

Lessons in Love and Violence – Inspired by the life of Edward II and Piers Gaveston, this opera explores how personal relationships can have fatal political consequences.”

DVD and Blu-ray copies now available!